Or you can say in this way,
if this type of stroller has strong Y-fork, you could save a lot of time and energy to do the sales than the after-service.
Being well aware of the importance, the material we use on the Y-fork for Petstro 7-series stroller is PA 6(PA6) .
It’s the material usually used on medical equipment like wheelchair...
The cost of this material is much higher than ordinary nylon that you may see in the market.
But it has a fatal attraction to us, which is:
How strong it is? you may ask.
Since the debut of first generation of 7-series in 2008, despite there are some little problems to improve on wheels
We have NEVER receive repairs caused by deforming of the Y-fork.

Then, why is the firmness so important?

The function of the Y-fork is to keep the wheel roll in balance.

Thus, if the Y-fork is deformed or even broken, the wheel is unable to stay in balance , which lead to shakes when it is on road. The stroller will thus become very difficult to push.

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