Fabric almost accounts for one-thirds or more of a stroller.
So you can tell how important it is to make sure the fabric is good enough
when you decide to have a nice stroller for your pets.

But how do you know it is good enough?
Here are some tips for you.
Touch the fabric by your hands and feel the texture whether it’s thick or thin, soft or stiff.
However, it doesn’t mean the thicker and stiffer fabric is better.
Since if the cloth is too stiff, it will easily be creased and the smoothness of stroller folding will be affected.
Of course, it will not be good as well, if the cloth is too soft.
The cloth like that is usually more easily to be destroyed by pets.
The feeling of the texture must be moderate.

Take the cloth and look at the light.
If the light transmittance is good, it may represent the weave is not dense enough.
Therefore, when facing the claws of pets, it will more easily surrender.

Here, I mean hand-washing!!
The cloth cannot fade or shrink after washing for few times.

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