After using for a while, you may feel the stroller does not move as smooth as it used to be.
However, there are no problems on the frame or the wheels.
Is there anyway to improve? Is changing the wheels the only way?

The wheels roll on the road. Inevitably, small sands and gravels will roll into the gears.
That’s the reason of the situation.
Therefore, all you need to do is this small daily maintenance and you will feel big different.
【Essential Materials】

Spray Lubricant

# the brand in the left picture is what we usually use
# if what you have at home is not this brand, it’s fine
# as long as it is spray lubricant, it could work

Spray the lubricant on the wheels (where the red arrows point)

1. Remove the sand and gravels. Bring the smoothness back.
2. Daily maintenance reduces the possibility of malfunction.

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