Do you have inflation question as below?
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Q1. Why can’t the stroller be filled up air in the factory?
Because the temperature in the container and during the process of transportation is high. To avoid tire blowout caused by thermal expansion, we intentionally not fill the tire up. Thus, when receiving Petstro stroller with air tires, like 7-series, please inflate the tire before using.
Q2. What equipment do you suggest to inflate the tire?
Based on our experience, it is suggested to use “high-pressure manual inflator with barometer”(as photo).
Since the inner tire of the front tire is very small, using manual inflator is much easy to control the speed and amount of the air.

Q3. How many air do the tires need?
We have tire pressure on both front and rear tires.
???? NOTE: Nowadays the summer temperature is very high. So it is highly suggested to make the air 90% full to avoid tire blowing out due to the heat.

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