According to pets’ weight
Choose a stroller that could load the weight safely

e.g. If the pet is 5kg, you may choose from “For Pet(1-8kgs)”.The strollers here have max load for 8kgs.If your pet like bigger space, you may look strollers in “For Pet(9-25kgs)”.
According to pets’ length
Comparing the cabin size and pets’ size to find the most comfortable space for them

You may find the size table in product page. Orange color shows the cabin size.
Please compare the cabin size with the length of pet.
You may measure the length by below method or the resting posture they loved most (e.g. lying curled up, lying flat...)
According to the vehicle usually used to transport pets

Different vehicle will have different concern.

e.g. scooter-could the stroller be put in the front ? car-could it be able to put in the rear compartment after folded? could it be fixed by safety belt and change to a car seat? public transportation-does the size meet the regulation? could it be placed in front of the seat?...

Thus, please think about the situation of when and how would you use the stroller.In this way, you would have more possibilities to buy a stroller that meets your need.
Requirement of stroller will be different when facing different breed

e.g. cats need stroller with zipper since they are master of escaping ; french bulldog requires stroller with good air flow ; rabbit needs more space for their out-going equipments...

Since you are buying the stroller for pets, of course you need to concern their habits and personalities.

e.g. for pets who are curious and like to stand up, it’s better to choose stroller with frame made by steel ; for pet who are timid, stroller with more privacy will suit them more ; for pets who like quite or independent, you may choose double decker stroller to separate from other kids,...

Now, do you have more concrete idea about how to choose your stroller?

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