Zipper design prevents cats from escaping. Also, it’s annoying when cat hairs stick to velcro. And zippers can totally avoid situation like that .
By using the safety leash when your cats have their first rides or for cats who easily get nervous when going out, it may avoid possible dangerous from their quick and unpredictable escaping or movement.
Choosing strollers with curtains or with good coverage to make them feel the sense of security like cartons and thus relieve their nervous tension while being out.
Good coverage needs to accompany with good air flow. After all, the furry coats they wear are not just for good look. A breathable room will make them more comfortable.
Haven’t you got the experience that when you finally put the cats in a stroller, you really don’t want to move them out before you arrive the destination XDD
And that’s the beauty when the stroller is separable. In this way, you do not need to move them into another bag while taking pubic transportation, on scooter or on car. It’s basically an express vehicle for cats.


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